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We are often asked whether our furniture is imported, what's the quality that we offer, and more.

Well, here's how we normally answer some of the FAQs.

  • Together with your help, we design and manufacture the furniture of your choice.

  • Our furniture is not only crafted from the best quality of wood and fittings available in the market, but it's also locally made, in the heart of Bulebel.

  • Our craftsmen are trained hands-on to turn a sheet of laminated particleboard into the desired piece of furniture, with the aid of our machinery and expertise of course!

  • All of the above allows us to be flexible in terms of measurements, which in this case you do not need to worry about how to furnish your restricted spaces.

  • And no, the term 'custom-made' does not mean that it will get you bankrupt. Our furniture has the best prices for the best quality.

  • Yes, we do have a price range, but the quality remains the same for all types of furniture.

Is our furniture produced locally?

Answer: YES - it is made in Malta.

We have been classified as furniture makers since 1988. Our furniture is crafted from scratch, here in Bulebel, Industrial Estate.

Many people mistake local furniture to be far more expensive than imports, which is not always the case. Challenging this misconception that locally made furniture is "costly", we are here to produce affordable and custom made pieces of furniture, without breaking the bank.

We offer true, furniture customisation with no limitations - which is why we believe it is the key to success, while allowing you and our respected clients to elevate space with unique pieces of furniture that don't cost the world and are made to last.

Our team is always prepared to listen to your aspirations while paying close attention to detail. Don't worry if you're undecided - we will be happy to guide you accordingly, design the furniture altogether and discuss it, until approved.

If you wish to book an appointment, you can do so my sending us an email on or call us on the provided numbers, on both our Facebook page and website.

Our quality furniture can last a lifetime. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your furniture.


Refrain from using harsh chemicals such as solvents, alcohol, ammonia and all-purpose cleaners.

It is recommended to use a non-abrasive cloth moistened with soap and water (1 drop of soap mixed with 10Ltr bucket of water), wipe spills as soon as you can and dust your furniture regularly.


Coasters & Trivets

If you do not like getting water rings on your wooden surfaces, we suggest you use coasters for glasses/bottles.

To protect your counter tops, trivets are the perfect solution. This might be the last thing you think about, but hot pans and dishes always need space when your hob is full. This is the best solution to avoid getting burn marks off your surfaces (and let's be honest, they can be an eye-pleasing trinket to your kitchen).


Coffee machines & kettles

Moisture and steam from coffeemakers can damage the top units in your kitchen. Too much steam will affect the cabinets and may cause the wood to expand.

Instead of placing them under upper cabinets, place coffeemakers on islands or other open spaces.


With regular care, your furniture can last a lifetime and lessens the need for repairs while it remains as if it is brand new. We all want to have the best quality furniture that is worth the money spent on it to stay looking ravishing for years to come and maybe pass on to the next generation.

To encourage this principle, our company focuses to offer you the best products available in the market. To get a quote click on the following link:

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