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What do we do?

We are often asked whether our furniture is imported, what's the quality that we offer, and more.

Well, here's how we normally answer some of the FAQs.

  • Together with your help, we design and manufacture the furniture of your choice.

  • Our furniture is not only crafted from the best quality of wood and fittings available in the market, but it's also locally made, in the heart of Bulebel.

  • Our craftsmen are trained hands-on to turn a sheet of laminated particleboard into the desired piece of furniture, with the aid of our machinery and expertise of course!

  • All of the above allows us to be flexible in terms of measurements, which in this case you do not need to worry about how to furnish your restricted spaces.

  • And no, the term 'custom-made' does not mean that it will get you bankrupt. Our furniture has the best prices for the best quality.

  • Yes, we do have a price range, but the quality remains the same for all types of furniture.

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