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JCR Furniture - FAQ

Is our furniture produced locally?

Answer: YES - it is made in Malta.

We have been classified as furniture makers since 1988. Our furniture is crafted from scratch, here in Bulebel, Industrial Estate.

Many people mistake local furniture to be far more expensive than imports, which is not always the case. Challenging this misconception that locally made furniture is "costly", we are here to produce affordable and custom made pieces of furniture, without breaking the bank.

We offer true, furniture customisation with no limitations - which is why we believe it is the key to success, while allowing you and our respected clients to elevate space with unique pieces of furniture that don't cost the world and are made to last.

Our team is always prepared to listen to your aspirations while paying close attention to detail. Don't worry if you're undecided - we will be happy to guide you accordingly, design the furniture altogether and discuss it, until approved.

If you wish to book an appointment, you can do so my sending us an email on or call us on the provided numbers, on both our Facebook page and website.

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