Care tips

Our quality furniture can last a lifetime. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your furniture.


Refrain from using harsh chemicals such as solvents, alcohol, ammonia and all-purpose cleaners.

It is recommended to use a non-abrasive cloth moistened with soap and water (1 drop of soap mixed with 10Ltr bucket of water), wipe spills as soon as you can and dust your furniture regularly.


Coasters & Trivets

If you do not like getting water rings on your wooden surfaces, we suggest you use coasters for glasses/bottles.

To protect your counter tops, trivets are the perfect solution. This might be the last thing you think about, but hot pans and dishes always need space when your hob is full. This is the best solution to avoid getting burn marks off your surfaces (and let's be honest, they can be an eye-pleasing trinket to your kitchen).


Coffee machines & kettles

Moisture and steam from coffeemakers can damage the top units in your kitchen. Too much steam will affect the cabinets and ma